Wednesday, January 25, 2012

List of first eps of shows aired in New York for Jan 25, 2012 to Feb 7, 2012

Other cities: Tulsa

The following are listings for the first episodes of TV shows broadcast in New York City Jan 25, 2012 to Feb 7, 2012.

Show Day Date Time Channel Station Episode number Episode name

30 Rock Mon. 2-6-2012 11:30 PM ch 5.1 WNYWDT #1 "Pilot"

30 Rock Mon. 2-6-2012 11:30 PM ch 9.2 WWORDT2 #1 "Pilot"

Without a Trace Thu. 1-26-2012 8:00 PM ch 5.2 WNYWDT2 #1 "Pilot" | Thom Barry | Rosemary Forsyth | Bruce Davison | Arija Bareikis | Ty Miller

All times EDT. All listings subject to change. Not all NEW episodes of shows are marked. Dates of 0-0-0 are shows that aired outside scope of viewing period. Usually they aired the day before, and are provided for informational purposes only.In case of wrong/broken link email me via here, but easier to go to

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